GASCo Flight Safety Evening

Andy Sparshott

On a cold January night with the remnants of snow still present and not much flying this year so far, a meeting of aviators took place at Lee on Solent airfield.

The Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club were hosting a flight safety evening by the General Aviation Safety Council (GASCo). Walking into the meeting room there was an instantaneous buzz from the 80+ pilots and aviation enthusiasts who were already exchanging stories.

Commercial airline pilots, multi & single engine aircraft pilots, glider pilots, microlight pilots helicopter and gyro copter pilots were all amongst the chatter then brought to order by Michael Benson GASCo regional safety officer. We were shown videos of flying related incidents and discussion followed on the possible causes; distraction, flying currency, maintenance, the list went on.

Audience participation added to the experience everyone learning from the incidents of others which turned to thoughts of safety within their own flying operations.

A great evening enjoyed by many pilots all feeling part of a growing community of aviators at Lee on Solent airfield.