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Aircraft maintenance and Website development

Well it's that time again! After a busy spell of flying both the Robin and the Cessna are due for their 50hr checks, as you may well know this will mean a brief spell of down-time on each aircraft (including a little trip to Kent for little G-GAOM).

We hope the Cessna will be in and out this week with the Robin having a couple of days away next week, both aircraft are in good shape so all being well they will be back in no time ready for more aviating!

Meanwhile the members site of the website continues to be tweaked and developed, for those of you who have had a look around and play with things we hope you are finding it useful. As always we are continually looking for ways to improve our offer, if you have any ideas or 'wishlist items' then please fo get in touch! All ideas and feedback are very welcomed!

Stay safe, stay well, see each of you soon.

Team HAC


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