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The name Hampshire Aeroplane Club has a history stretching back as far as the 1920's, the original flying school played a big part in the development of leisure aviation in the south assisting hundreds in gaining their pilots licence.


The original Hampshire Aeroplane Club changed hands several times over the years, starting out its life at Hamble Airfield in 1926 it then moved to Eastleigh Aerodrome (now Southampton Airport) in 1932.


One notable member of HAC during the pre-war years was Reginald J. Mitchell the designer of the legendary Supermarine Spitfire.


Other than the war years 1939-45 HAC remained in operation at Southampton Airport well into the 1960's before finally closing its doors.

HAC at Hamble Airfield

HAC Gipsy Moth G-ABBD at Hamble Airfield circa 1930

Our Heritage
Hampshire Aeroplane Club wings
Final Approach runway 05
HAC Today

Hampshire Aeroplane Club is based at Solent Airport sharing fantastic airport facilities with a number of other aviation organisations on the airfield.


HAC operates from hangar 16 on the north-east side of the airfield, with first class training facilities and great customer facilities we have all you need to ensure that your training gets a flying start.


Offering Private Pilot Licence training, groundschool courses along with revalidations, renewals and ratings HAC can support you whatever stage of flying training you are at or aviation career you aspire toward.


Call us today to arrange a visit, our experienced and dedicated team are only too happy to help get you off the ground.

We Want You to Fly

Runway 23
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Robin DR400
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