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Robin DR400 - G-BKDH

This is definitely the best way to find out for yourself what it really feels like to take to the air and take to the controls of an aircraft.​ Let your dreams take off as you embark on your first step toward becoming a pilot.

A Trial Lesson isn't a pleasure flight, but rather a genuine lesson;  exercise No. 3 in the Private Pilot Licence syllabus in fact! The flight will allow you to see first hand what flying lessons are like, see the world from above, experience the thrill of flying and to take to the controls as well.

Each lesson consists of three parts:

  • An introductory brief given by the instructor which will outline the flight, covering how the basic controls work and then area over which the flight will take place.

  • The flight itself during which the instructor will demonstrate how the basic controls work and encourage the student to take cover the controls and fly the aircraft.

  • After the flight there will be the opportunity to discuss the flight and the requirements to obtain a licence.

The Needles - Isle of Wight

Standard Trial Lesson

A 30min taster flight giving the future pilot the chance to see the Solent and local area briefly while getting to see what it feels like to pilot a light aircraft.

Extended Trial Lesson

An introductory  60min flight. 
An ex
tension of the Standard Trial Lesson allowing you to explore further into the skies at the controls for longer.

Land-Away Trial Lesson

Two Standard Trial Lessons also landing at a different airfield in between.

Get a taste of the day to day life of a Private Pilot.

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