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Final Approach runway 23

Private Pilot 

The Private Pilots Licence (PPL) is recognised worldwide allowing the holder to enjoy the thrill of flight for leisure and recreational purposes. This licence is the first step in training for those looking to work onward to professional licences, additional ratings (multi-engine rating, night rating etc) and more.


The flying course consists of a structured syllabus of lessons toward a minumum of 45hrs ahead of undertaking the final skills test, the PPL also requires the student to pass a Class 2 Medical. The course will prepared the student pilot in all the areas required to ensure they are fully ready to take to the air along and unaided, being able to safet manage, navigate and command their aircraft in the sky.


For more details about undertaking your PPL or to book a Trial Lesson please follow the links opposite or contact us direct to arrange a visit, our team would be only too happy to help.

Robin and Cessna

Light Aeroplane Pilot Licence

The Light Aeroplane Pilots Licence (LAPL) is a UK based licence which allows you to act as pilot in command (PIC) on two classes of aircraft —  a single-engine piston aeroplane (on land), or touring motor glider (TMG).


The LAPL requires a medical validation from a GP rather than a full CAA class 2 medical, this is for those who may not want to take their flying further and instead just wish to enjoy the thrill of flying around their local area. It also enables you to take your friends and family as passengers. 

Pilot equipment
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